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Scale Big to Manageable

In the past decade, Bodman’s Enterprise Procurement Group (EPG), has represented and advised clients in nearly all aspects of outsourcing arrangements, providing increased flexibility, reduced risk, and significant cost savings.

We are seasoned negotiators with extensive experience structuring outsourcing transactions in a broad cross-section of industries and areas including:

  • Information Technology. IT systems; software development; quality assurance; help desk; data processing

  • Business Process. HR-related services, including benefits administration, compensation, payroll, training, and workforce and staffing administration; print fulfillment; disaster recovery services; food preparation services; lending services; call centers/customer service

  • Real Estate. Facilities management; transactions management and brokerage; real estate development; lease administration

  • Other Outsourcing Areas. Technology infrastructure; application processing; application service provider.

We help clients define business, technology, and legal requirements, performing due diligence on potential vendors and negotiating agreements that reflect an appropriate level of commitment and risk-sharing. We also assist clients in developing strategic positions on issues such as service level commitments, terms and termination rights, pricing and payment metrics, information security and privacy, business continuity and disaster recovery, and technology and source code escrow.

Why Choose Bodman’s EPG for Outsourcing Agreements?

Bodman’s Enterprise Procurement Group’s outsourcing capabilities grew naturally from its procurement contracts practices, experience, and knowledge-base that sets us apart from any other law firm or consultant in the arena.

  • EPG Model Is Built Around Corporate Contracts. Through years of trial and error, our team has developed a unique process for managing our procurement/contracts practice. We are not only built for efficiency so that we can review vendor agreements very quickly and very thoroughly, but the entire process — and the entire practice — is focused around the corporate procurement function itself. And when it comes to outsourcing specifically, we’ve listened to our clients and have become sophisticated enough that we think like corporate procurement professionals and strategic enterprise executives, and we are able to anticipate and advise on their needs and work to help attain their business goals.

  • We have the Experience in Years and Volume. Our team has extensive outsourcing experience, both in amount of time and volume of work. Our practice has formally existed for nearly a decade, and we negotiate all types of outsourcing arrangements. We stay on top of current trends and issues within the outsourcing industry, as well as the procurement world generally. Our team is cross-disciplined and works across many industries and functions.

  • Efficiency Is Key. EPG has an efficiency mindset: we are hyper-focused on process and efficiency and look to provide the highest levels of legal service and maintaining the highest quality standards while finding ways to build efficiencies into the system to enhance our turnaround times and delivery methods. For us, it is about ensuring that the clients feel as if they are receiving great value.

Representative Matters

  • Negotiation of a Multi-Million Dollar Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Agreement
    Negotiated a nationally publicized, multi-million dollar BPO agreement on behalf of a large financial institution with a worldwide consulting firm, under which the consulting firm provides procurement services and tools

  • Negotiation of Multi-Million Dollar IT Outsourcing (ITO) Agreements
    On behalf of a financial institution, we negotiated several multi-million dollar information technology outsourcing agreements with multiple global information technology outsourcing vendors

  • Negotiation of a Mortgage Loan Origination Outsourcing Agreement
    Negotiated mortgage loan origination, sale, and servicing agreements for a large financial institution, involving the complete outsourcing of its mortgage origination and servicing operations

  • Negotiation of a BPO Agreement for Consumer Lending and Servicing
    Negotiated an outsourcing agreement for a large financial institution, involving the complete outsourcing of its consumer lending and servicing operations

  • Negotiation an Outsourcing Agreement for Credit Card Processing Services
    Negotiated multiple agreements for a large domestic bank to transition to a new merchant processor for credit card processing services

  • Negotiation of an ITO Agreement for a Mortgage Loan Origination System
    Assisted a large domestic bank with implementing a new loan origination system (LOS) to replace the existing legacy platforms currently supporting the origination of residential mortgages

  • Negotiation of an Outsourcing Agreement for Payroll Processing Services
    Negotiated a payroll processing agreement with a new vendor to provide payroll processing services to a bank’s customers

  • Negotiation of a Real Estate Outsourcing Agreement for Facilities Management
    Negotiated a real estate outsourcing agreement on behalf of a large domestic bank to provide facilities management services for all of its U.S. locations

  • Negotiation of Agreements for ERP Systems
    Negotiated numerous agreements for the procurement of new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

  • Negotiation of a BPO Agreement for Print and Mail Operations
    Negotiated an agreement for the outsourcing of a large financial institutions print and mail operations

  • Negotiation of a BPO Agreement for IT Help Desk and Application Management
    On behalf of a large auto manufacturer, negotiated an agreement for the outsourcing of its IT help desk and application management