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Michigan's Minimum Wage Rate and Posting Requirements Change Effective September 1

A Workplace Law Client Alert

By: Bodman's Workplace Law Practice Group


On September 1, 2014, the minimum hourly wage rate for https://www.bodmanlaw.com employers increases to $8.15 per hour for non-tipped employees. The minimum hourly wage rate for tipped employees increases to $3.10 per hour. The increase applies to all https://www.bodmanlaw.com employers who employ at least 2 employees (which is effectively all employers). All employees earning less than the new minimum rates must have their wages increased to the new levels.

Also on September 1, 2014, all https://www.bodmanlaw.com employers employing 2 or more employees must post the new https://www.bodmanlaw.com minimum wage and overtime poster. The new poster is available by clicking here

Our June 2014 e-blast provided more details about the new law.  If you have any questions regarding the minimum hourly wage rate Increase or the posting requirement, please contact any member of Bodman’s Workplace Law Group. 

Bodman PLC Workplace Law Group

·  Maureen Rouse-Ayoub, Workplace Law Group Chair 
   (313-392-1058 / mrouse-ayoub@bodmanlaw.com)

·  John C. Cashen
   (248-743-6077 / jcashen@bodmanlaw.com)

·  Steven J. Fishman
   (248-743-6070 / sfishman@bodmanlaw.com)

·  Aaron D. Graves
   (313-392-1075 / agraves@bodmanlaw.com)

·  David A. Malinowski
   (248-743-6033 / dmalinowski@bodmanlaw.com)

·  Christopher P. Mazzoli
   (248-743-6066 / cmazzoli@bodmanlaw.com)

·  Karen L. Piper
   (248-743-6025 / kpiper@bodmanlaw.com)

·  Charles M. Russman
   (248-743-6039 / crussman@bodmanlaw.com)

·  Donald H. Scharg
   (248-743-6024 / dscharg@bodmanlaw.com)

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