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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

unleash the potential

The rapid rise in the creation and use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools has created opportunities for businesses in virtually every industry sector. It has also created an equally rapid rise in concern over the unique legal risks these technologies present.

Understanding the growing need for timely and creative legal guidance for businesses that develop or use AI tools, Bodman has established a multidisciplinary, full-service AI Team. The Team helps clients navigate through the evaluation, creation, adoption, licensing, and use of AI tools and related technologies. Comprised of experienced attorneys specializing in Data Privacy and Security, Health Care, Workplace Law, Business, Enterprise Procurement, Copyright, Patent, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, our AI Team leverages its diverse resources to make sure you and your business are prepared for the present and future of AI and related technologies.

From advising on regulatory compliance and mitigating risk, to counseling employers on how to adopt innovative policies regarding the use of AI, to the creation, use, and licensing of intellectual property in AI solutions, to reviewing and negotiating contracts for the procurement, use, and licensing of AI tools, to resolving disputes arising from use of AI, Bodman’s AI Team is available to guide clients through this evolving legal landscape.


Intellectual Property and Patent:
  • Advise clients on the creation, use, and licensing of intellectual property in the development and deployment of AI solutions
  • Draft and file patent applications for products and systems that incorporate or are partially developed using AI technologies
  • Identify and mitigate copyright risks associated with training AI or machine learning engines
Data Privacy:
  • Counsel on regulatory compliance risk and data privacy and security issues
Enterprise Procurement:
  • Negotiate technology contracts concerning AI solutions and other technologies
  • Counsel clients on adopting their own AI use policies
  • Advise on EEO compliance risk related to the use of AI in hiring practices


Representative Matters
  • Developed public-facing privacy policies to address the collection, sharing, and processing of personal information by artificial intelligence tools for clients in various industries.
  • Advised a digital marketing client on the legal and ethical implications of the use of artificial intelligence technology in marketing and advertising, including addressing privacy-related inquiries.
  • Negotiated various software, product, and service agreements involving machine learning to ensure any artificial intelligence output is validated for accuracy and bias and is otherwise compliant with applicable laws.
  • Advised clients regarding hiring, human resources, and other company policies relative to the use of artificial intelligence.
  • Advised a client on employment record retention policies and an AI-driven application and interview process.
  • Advised a client on purchasing licenses to a generative AI platform for use in generating images for marketing collateral.
  • Assisted a client in the development of guidance documentation regarding contracting for technology that leverages artificial intelligence.
  • Prepared structured terms of service and a software use agreement for an AI software company using private, client-owned medical information for use by medical providers.
  • Counseled a global consumer product company on intellectual property protection for inventive applications of generative artificial intelligence in products and product development processes.
  • Prepared and prosecuted patent applications on novel medical imaging analysis methodology using machine learning for defect detection and surgical implant planning.
  • Reviewed and negotiated contracts for a vendor’s new generative artificial intelligence tools that leverage Google’s and Microsoft’s generative AI cloud services.
  • Reviewed and advised clients on the terms and conditions for generative AI cloud services, including Google’s Google Cloud AI and Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI services.
  • Drafted service agreements for vendors offering artificial intelligence tools, including tools that leverage Google’s and Microsoft’s generative AI cloud services.